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Concepts Extractor


This pipeline extensibility stage extract document concepts (from Fast docvector) and add them into a "concepts" crawled property. This allow users to refine on concetps, for example using our Tag Cloud Refiner webpart.

Download & Install

Download binairies here:
Put ConceptsExtractor.exe in c:\FastSearch\bin (depend of your installation), then modify the c:\FastSearch\etc\pipelineextensibility.xml file and add the content of the config.xml file:
<Run command="ConceptExtractor.exe %(input)s %(output)s">
    <CrawledProperty propertySet="48385C54-CDFC-4E84-8117-C95B3CF8911C" varType="31" propertyName="docvector"/>
    <CrawledProperty propertySet="fa585f53-2679-48d9-976d-9ce62e7e19b7" varType="31" propertyName="concepts"/>

Once a full crawl has been done, create the managed property manually or use the install.ps1 file to do so.


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