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Tag Cloud Refiner

A refiner webpart that display information as a tag cloud. This is very effective if used with Fast and the Concepts Extractor stage.

Download & Install

Download solution from here:
Install using your favorite method, like using Powershell:

 Add-SPSolution c:\path\to\SearchWebParts.wsp
 Install-SPSolution –Identity SearchWebParts.wsp –WebApplication http://sharepoint -GACDeployment

Then activate the feature "Search WebParts" on your site collection.

How to

  • Configure the out of the box refiner webpart to include the metadata you want to filter on
  • Add the tagcloud refiner webpart to your page
  • Configure the tagcloud webpart to add both the metadata name and the metadata title that you set on the refiner webpart
  • (Optional) If JQuery is already included in your page, you can use the "dont include JQuery" option


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