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TreeView Refiner

Download & Install

Download solution from here:
Install using your favorite method, like using Powershell:

 Add-SPSolution c:\path\to\SearchWebParts.wsp
 Install-SPSolution –Identity SearchWebParts.wsp –WebApplication http://sharepoint -GACDeployment

Then activate the feature "Search WebParts" on your site collection.

How to

  • Configure the out of the box refiner webpart to include the metadata you want to filter on
  • Add the treeview refiner webpart to your page
  • Configure the treeview webpart to add both the metadata name and the metadata title that you set on the refiner webpart

To work, this webpart need the refiner value to be like:
A / B
A / B / C

This will generate a treeview like:
 |- B
    |- C 


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