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Weather WebPart

This webpart display the weather using Yahoo Weather API (

Download & Install

Download solution from here:
Install using your favorite method, like using Powershell:

 Add-SPSolution c:\path\to\WeatherWebParts.wsp
 Install-SPSolution –Identity WeatherWebParts.wsp –WebApplication http://sharepoint -GACDeployment

Then activate the feature "Weather WebPart" on your site collection to add the webpart to the gallery.
Here are the parameters that can be set for this webpart:
  • AreaCode: Code of the area to get weather info from. This is a Yahoo WOEID. To find your WOEID, browse or search for your city from the Weather home page. The WOEID is in the URL for the forecast page for that city. You can also get the WOEID by entering your zip code on the home page. For example, if you search for Los Angeles on the Weather home page, the forecast page for that city is The WOEID is 2442047.
  • Timeout: Timeout to get remote HTML
  • CacheMin: If > 0, HTML will be cached
  • Async: If True, content is load asynchonously
  • DoNotIncludejQuery: If async mode is on, this won't include jQuery into the page (you have to add it elsewhere)


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