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Web Clipping WebPart

This webpart allow part of a webpage to be inserted into the current page. The HTML to insert is extracted based on the id of the element.
Unlike the page viewer, this insert directly the HTML into the page (no iframe).

Download & Install

Download solution from here:
Install using your favorite method, like using Powershell:

 Add-SPSolution c:\path\to\SearchWebParts.wsp
 Install-SPSolution –Identity SearchWebParts.wsp –WebApplication http://sharepoint -GACDeployment

Then activate the feature "WebClipping WebPart" on your site collection.

Then activate the feature on your site collection to add the webpart to the gallery.
Here are the parameters that can be set for this webpart:
  • Url: URL of the remote page to load
  • Html ID: ID of the element to insert into the page. Experimental since 1.1: If the ID begin with ".", the webpart suppose that this is a class instead of an ID.
  • Timeout: Timeout to get remote HTML
  • Cachein Minutes: If > 0, HTML will be cached
  • Async: If True, content is load asynchonously
  • DoNotIncludejQuery: If async mode is on, this won't include jQuery into the page (you have to add it elsewhere)


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